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CRA Audit and Disputes

We specialize primarily in solving clients’ tax problems on a broad range of tax matters from an assessment by tax authorities to litigation and settlement at the Federal and Provincial levels.

CRA Audits - It is not uncommon for a business to be audited by the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) and for most taxpayers, an audit is intimidating and stressful.

When the CRA conducts a business audit, they will want to examine your books and records to ensure that you have complied with legislation and received the exact amount to which you are entitled. If, after conducting the audit, the CRA decides that your return must be reassessed, your tax return will be amended.

Dealing with CRA agents can be intimidating, and some individuals tend to accept rulings without fully understanding the auditor’s judgment. Getting familiar with regulations pertaining to your case can help ensure you are treated fairly and efficiently.

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