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For Individuals

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Services for Individuals

Personal Income Tax

We provide a variety of different income tax services available for business owners, and individuals to achieve their financial goals. The more complicated situations for individuals will always require the knowledge and ability of a highly trained professional.

Canadian Tax Credit

Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) has an established framework in which individuals can minimize the taxes they owe through programs such as:

  • Annual union, professional, or like dues

  • Business investment loss

  • Carrying charges

  • Child care expenses

  • Clergy residence deduction

  • Conditions of Employment Write-Offs (T2200)

  • Disability supports deduction

  • Donation and political contribution

  • Medical Expense Credits (surpassing 3% of Income)

  • New Home Buyer Credits

  • Other employment expenses

  • Qualifying Moving Expenses

  • RRSP Contributions

  • Student loan interest

  • Support Payments

  • Tuition Credits (T2202)

  • Many other qualifying credits

  • Many other Provincial Schedules from Ontario, Alberta, and British Columbia

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CRA Reviews and Disputes

We specialize primarily in solving client's tax problems on a broad range of tax matters from an assessment by tax authorities through proper representation or litigation and settlement at Federal and Provincial levels.

Estate and trust taxation

We will ensure that you and your family have an effective transition of your business and wealth passed on to the next generation. Working with you and your family, we will aim to fulfill your needs by creating an effective tax and estate plan that will protect you and your assets.
Our professional staff have years of experience in working with many families to design an estate strategy right for them. In this process, we ensure that we first understand your and your family’s needs and establish an effective estate plan to meet the needs.

These services include:

  • T3 return

  • Final tax return

  • Rights or Things tax return

  • Other required tax elections and compliance filings.

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Non-resident Tax Filing

Tax services for non-residents which require advanced tax knowledge are specialized as well. Non-residents of Canada who have earned income in Canada, or disposed of a taxable Canadian property, should file the appropriate submission to the CRA in order to be compliant with Canada’s Income Tax Act.


A non-resident individual may have to file a Canadian return if earned:​

  • Business income in Canada

  • Capital gain in Canada

  • Rental income in Canada

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